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Iron Vapor is a family owned and operated vape shop that is dedicated to spreading the movement of vaping.
At Iron Vapor we are passionate about vaping and we have science on our side. Countless studies have been done that prove the health benefits of switching to vaping. We try to convince smokers, every opportunity we get, to give up cigarettes and try vaping.
When it comes to comparing the chemical load of cigarettes vs vaping you will be shocked. Cigarette smoke has more than 4000 chemicals of which 43 of them are proven to be carcinogenic and 400 of them are toxic. Cigarettes also have additives that can be lethal including: Formaldehyde and Carbon Monoxide.
In comparison, high-quality vape liquid only has four main ingredients. The simple test of exhaling cigarette smoke into a napkin will show it all. Cigarettes smoke leaves a yellow stained ring where as vape smoke shows no residue.
From the safety standpoint it’s clear that cigarettes including the matches and lighters needed to light them have been the cause of numerous fires. E-cigarettes or electric vapors are a much safer option.
On top of all the other evidence another benefit of vaping is the cost difference. Of course it depends how much you smoke, but heavy smokers that have switched to vaping save on average more than $100 per week.
At Iron Vapor we are proud of the vape culture and we do everything within our power to support its growth. The community that surrounds the vaping culture is the best benefit. It’s the same way when you walk into our vape shop: you will be helped by friendly staff that is available to answer any questions that you may have.
So stop by Iron Vapor today and let us introduce you to the culture of vaping. 

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